Joseph Lavine
Chinese Bodywork - Tui Na

What is Chinese Bodywork

Massage (anmo in Chinese) is any technique where you rub or manipulate the skin, or modalities that solely utilize physical manipulation as its means of healing. Massage modalities that are not based on modern or western medicine are classified as bodywork. Bodywork is a broad term that refers to manual therapies that utilize not just physical principles but energetic anatomy as well. Asian Bodywork is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine.

With millions of users worldwide Oriental Medicine transcends generations, cultures and countries to provide people with vital health benefits everyday. Chinese Bodywork-Tui Na has been a central part of Oriental Medicine for thousands of years. Chinese bodywork techniques aim to promote overall health by facilitating the flow of Qi around the body. Qi refers to the life energy or the flow of energy inside every living being.

Chinese Bodywork can relieve pain, increase your energy level, speed up recovery from orthopedic injuries, improve blood circulation and support emotional health.